India posts record new Covid deaths after data revision

India Covid-19 deaths surge again, more global aid flown in


New Delhi: According to data from the Ministry of Health, India recorded 3,645 Covid-19 deaths on Thursday, a new record for the country, a surge of 350 cases from the previous day.

The country has now seen 204,832 deaths in total from the coronavirus pandemic, although many experts suspect that the true toll is higher.

India is experiencing a relentless new wave of infections, with almost 380,000 registered in the last 24 hours, breaking another world record.

In this month alone, the country has added more than 6 million new cases.

The surge in infections is partly due to a new variant of the virus and large-scale political and religious events, which have left hospitals severely lacking beds, medicines and oxygen.

The government’s chief scientific adviser, K Vijay Raghavan, admitted in an interview with the Indian Express newspaper that the government may be more prepared to prepare for the second wave.

“There were major efforts by central and state governments in ramping up hospital and healthcare infrastructure during the first wave… But as that wave declined, so perhaps did the sense of urgency to get this completed,” he said.

But “it is just not possible to amplify the capacities of a public health system within a year to a level that would be sufficient to cope with what we are seeing now,” he added.

The crisis is particularly severe in New Delhi, with people dying outside packed hospitals where three people are often forced to share beds.  

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