India coronavirus death toll passes China's

India coronavirus death toll passes China’s


New Delhi: According to official data, the number of coronavirus deaths in India exceeded that of neighbouring China on Friday, with 175 deaths within 24 hours, bringing the total to 4,706.

India is home to the most populous city in the world, and the health care system is weakening. It is becoming a new hot spot, and the number of new cases has soared in recent days.

Figures from India’s health ministry showed 165,799 infections, with western Maharashtra state — home to the finance hub of Mumbai — accounting for 36 percent of cases and 42 percent of deaths.

China, which had a deadly virus late last year, did not report new deaths or new suspected cases on Friday. The death toll is still 4,634, with a total of 82,995 infections.

Despite the surge in the number of cases, India is steadily relaxing its lock-in to mitigate the severe economic impact; India is the poorest victim of the country.

Media reports say that Interior Minister Amit Shah is also scheduled to hold talks with the state prime minister on Friday to discuss further relaxation of restrictions.

According to Agence France-Presse statistics on Thursday, 1900 GMT, the global pandemic has killed 357,311 people, of which the United States has the largest number of deaths, with 101,002 people dead.

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