India-China standoff intensifies at eastern Laddakh with troop buildup

India-China standoff intensifies at eastern Laddakh with troop buildup


In the disputed eastern border of Ladakh, the confrontation between India and China has intensified. Indian media reported that both sides increased their troops in the area.

According to ThePrint report, Beijing also strengthened its security on the side of the actual control line (LAC), deploying approximately 1,200 to 1,300 soldiers near Bangong Lake.

The report quoted sources as saying that Chinese soldiers have entered the “finger zone” of Bangong Lake, and it has strengthened its troops in Latin America and the Caribbean. “The northern shore of Bangong Lake protrudes forward like a palm tree, and various protrusions are considered to be the” fingers “delimiting the territory.”

The source also said that although the Chinese soldiers insisted that they remained within their borders, they did believe that India ’s perception of Latin America and the Caribbean exceeded 3 kilometers.

Despite this, India has taken preventive measures and deployed troops on the side of the control line, but did not exchange any maps to clarify the border requirements.

A person familiar with the matter said: “India and China have not exchanged any maps in the region indicating what LAC is.”

“No matter what kind of understanding, there exists between the two local armed forces.”

In 2017, a similar confrontation took place at the Doklam border between China and India, when Chinese soldiers began to extend a road that India claimed to cut into its territory.

This stalemate has escalated tensions between the two countries, because armed conflict is likely to erupt between two nuclear armed countries. However, the senior leaders of the two countries have resolved this issue through negotiations.

The border dispute between India and China has spanned forty years, but there is no bullet between the two countries.

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