India, China engage in military skirmish as tensions rise in eastern Ladakh

India, China engage in military skirmish as tensions rise in eastern Ladakh


According to reports, India and China were snared in a small military conflict in eastern Ladakh near Tibet, which reportedly began last week.

According to Indian media reports, as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is stationed near Pangcao Lake, the current situation is also very tense.

On May 6, the forces of both sides clashed, throwing stones at each other and also wounded several others.

Indian media reported that because of India ’s demand for reinforcements, China has 1,200 soldiers in the reserve.

There have been long-term border tensions between nuclear-armed neighboring countries. In 1962, a fierce war broke out in Arunachal Pradesh, India’s most northeastern state.

“Aggressive behaviour by the two sides resulted in minor injuries to troops. It was stone-throwing and arguments that ended in a fistfight,” Indian Army Eastern Command spokesman Mandeep Hooda told AFP on May 10.

The “stand-off” on Saturday at Naku La sector near the 15,000-feet (4,572-metre) Nathu La crossing in the northeastern state of Sikkim — which borders Bhutan, Nepal and China — was later resolved after “dialogue and interaction” at a local level, Hooda said.

“Temporary and short duration face-offs between border-guarding troops do occur as boundaries are not resolved,” he added.

The India Press Trust reported that about 150 soldiers participated in the confrontation.

There have been many confrontations and fights between Chinese and Indian soldiers, including a soldier near Ladakh in northwestern India captured on videotape in 2017. People saw them throwing punches and throwing stones at the troops.

In 2017, after the Indian army sent troops to prevent China from building roads in the country, there was a two-month high-altitude confrontation in the Doklam area of ​​Bhutan.

Since the talks between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Wuhan, China in 2018, the relationship between the two Asian giants since the Doklam confrontation seems to have improved.

The two also met in Chennai in southern India last October.

Under the control of New Delhi, China still has a territory of about 90,000 square kilometers (35,000 square miles).

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