India behind at least 4 high-profile terrorist attacks in Pakistan; 'We have evidence to the T'

India behind at least 4 high-profile terrorist attacks in Pakistan; ‘We have evidence to the T’


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s national security adviser, Mooed Yusuf, revealed that India was involved in at least four high-profile terrorist attacks in Pakistan, and said Islamabad “proved T Delhi”. intervention.

In an interview with India’s senior journalist Karan Thapar, Youssef said that Pakistan has confirmed India’s connection with terrorism, which will be broadcast live on its website at 5:00 pm US Standard Time.

This is the first interview with any Pakistani government official after India’s illegal attempt to annex Kashmir by abolishing Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

Yusuf said that India was responsible for the terrorist attacks in Pakistan. He said that New Delhi used the consulates of “neighboring countries” to launch attacks on five-star hotels in Gwadar, the Chinese consulate in Karachi and the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

He also said that India recently spent $1 million to merge Tehreek-e-Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) and four other terrorist organizations in Afghanistan under the supervision of the original officials.

Yusuf said that the activist Aslan, also known as Achu, who participated in the attack on the Chinese consulate, had been treated in a hospital in New Delhi, which proved India’s involvement in the incident.

He told Thapar that the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan is using think tanks as a frontline to send money to terrorists in Money Road.

The national security adviser also said that Pakistan has evidence that the planner of the APS massacre is contacting the Indian consulate, and that he also has the phone number of the handler.

“We have evidence to the T,” he was quoted as saying by The Wire. 

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