Impeachment trial hangs over Trump state of union speech 1

Impeachment trial hangs over Trump state of union speech


Washington: When President Donald Trump delivers the annual State of the Union speech to Congress on Tuesday, the US divisions will be central.

The address of the State of the Union is an important part of the American political journey, and in rare cases historically bitter opponents often have a truce while the president looks to the future.

But Trump will drive to the Pennsylvania State Capitol on Pennsylvania Avenue, which can be unmatched for decades. While the November presidential election is approaching, Trump can deteriorate.

The White House promised that when Trump reached the stage around 9 p.m. (Wednesday 0200 GMT), Trump would talk “ruthlessly” about the US economy and the “blue collar.”

“I think the speech will have a very optimistic tone,” a senior government official told reporters.

The reality is that Trump will enter a House of Representatives and not bounce the House of Commons led by the Democrats until last December, abusing his powers and impeding Congress.

In addition, he will look for a group of lawmakers who will save only a small proportion of the Republicans in the Senate Upper House when the Senate makes a ruling on Wednesday.

repentant Trump

In theory, the speech could be an opportunity to reach and heal a mutually suspicious country.

Trump has even considered unanimous misconduct among several of his Republican senators, forcing Ukraine to open a suspected corruption investigation into Joe Biden, one of his most important Democratic presidential opponents. May be sorry.

Alternatively, he could seek peace by completely avoiding the subject, as Bill Clinton did at his State of the Union address after he was bombed in 1999.

White House officials said they did not know what he would do.

When asked if the bomb would be closed, officials said, “No action is ever safe.”

Republican Senator Roy Blunt told the New York Times that Trump should “avoid” the word “i”.

“This is an opportunity to move on,” Brent said. He acknowledged that real estate magnates and reality show hosts are not the type to lower the volume.

“Another option is to face the problem, and he is usually a positive man.”

No end

Before Tuesday’s speech, the Senate will complete every lawsuit. The final debate took place on Monday.

But while the process ends on Wednesday, the Democrats have said they will continue to meet Trump.

“The constitutional crimes of Donald Trump and his crimes against the American people and the entire country are still ongoing,” said Democrat Val Demmings, one of the bombers’ managers who filed a lawsuit in the Senate on Monday.

“The plot goes on, the tricks go on and the danger never diminishes,” said Adam Schiff, the bomber’s chief manager. He challenged Republicans to “speak terrible facts.”

Although the Senate is Trump’s safe place, the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives is still expected to continue an active investigation into Trump’s alleged corruption.

The State of the Union address adds drama to the political diary before the November presidential election.

Monday started a campaign with a democratic party with the Caucasus in Iowa. The New Hampshire primary elections will take place within a week and the pace will accelerate from that moment.

Various democratic contenders, including jury members Amy Klobachar, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, will be in the hall on Tuesday.

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