IHC rules PM Imran's aides cannot be disqualified over dual nationalities

IHC rules PM Imran’s aides cannot be disqualified over dual nationalities


Islamabad: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) shelved a petition on Thursday seeking to exempt all aides to Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has dual citizenship.

In the case of dual nationality of the special assistant to the prime minister, the International Health Assembly stated in a written judgment that the prime minister is responsible to the people and cannot manage state affairs alone.

The court ruled that neither the prime minister’s special assistants nor their patriotism will be questioned because of the fact that they have dual citizenship and therefore cannot be disqualified.

It said that their appointment is the prerogative of the Prime Minister, and further added that there is no limit to the number of SAPM that the Prime Minister can appoint.

IHC emphasizes that it is not possible to question anyone with dual citizenship.

SAPM with dual citizenship

After the court heard the arguments in the case, the decision made by Athar Minallah, Chief Judge of the International Health Assembly, was retained earlier today.

What happened last week is that at least 19 non-elected cabinet members and 7 special assistants to the prime minister have dual nationality. These countries include Shahbaz Gill (United States), Nadeem Babar (United States), Syed Zulfiqar’Zulfi’Abbas Bukhari (United Kingdom), Moeed Yousuf (United States), Shahzad Qasim (United States), Nadeem Afzal Gondal (Canada) and Tania S Aidrus (Canada) ) And Singapore), SAPM, respectively, involved political affairs, oil, overseas Pakistanis, national security, power sector, parliamentary coordination and digital Pakistan.

However, former Google executive Aidrus (Aidrus) resigned “in the greater public interest” after being criticized for holding Canadian citizenship.

“I have always been and will be a Pakistani”

She wrote on Twitter: “The criticism of the country because of my citizenship is blurring the purpose of digital Pakistan. For the greater public interest, I have offered to resign from SAPM.”

She added that she would “continue to serve my country and the prime minister and do my best”, noting that serving him is an “honor and honor.”

“The original intention of my return to Pakistan was to contribute to and develop the development of Digital Pakistan. You have been expressing this concept, and I agree with it.

She added: “I have always been and will be a Pakistani.”

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