IHC allows Sheikh Ansar Aziz to resume duty as Islamabad mayor

IHC allows Sheikh Ansar Aziz to resume duty as Islamabad mayor


The High Court of Islamabad on Thursday approved the Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Ansar Aziz, to continue to perform his public duties and canceled the previous 90-day suspension order of the Ministry of the Interior.

The High Court heard the request of the mayor of the federal capital today, and the mayor challenged the Ministry ’s order.

In his petition, the federal government, the Ministry of the Interior and local government committees became parties to the case.

In the petition, the mayor asked the court to instruct the parties to carry out work within the limits permitted by law.

Aziz said in the petition: “The action taken against me is illegal.”

He asked the court to repeal the federal government order and allow him to continue working until the final decision of the case was heard in the court.

Last week, the federal government suspended Sheikh Ansar Aziz for 90 days on corruption charges.

According to Article 96 (1) of the Local Government Law of the Islamabad Capital Region 2015 (Section X of 2015), the Mayor shall take effect immediately for “investigating impartially for a period of ninety (90) days” Notice issued on Sunday.

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Earlier this year, Aziz, a subordinate of the opposition PML-N, filed a lawsuit, allegedly Aziz abused his powers, used his own personal use, and operated official vehicles that allegedly exceeded his entitlements .

The reference material was proposed by Humayun Akhtar, member of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and acting chief metropolitan officer (CMO).

The local government committee led by PTI MP Ali Nawaz Awan recommended that Aziz be suspended during the subsequent investigation.

MNA Awan is also Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on CDA affairs.

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