IBM rolls out newest processor chip, taps Samsung for manufacturing

IBM rolls out newest processor chip, taps Samsung for manufacturing


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM.N) announced on Monday a new type of processor chip for data centers, which is said to be able to handle three times the workload of its predecessor.

IBM said that the Power10 chip designed by IBM will be produced by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (005930.KS) for use by enterprises in the data center.

The chip will use Samsung’s 7-nanometer chip manufacturing process, which is similar to Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD.O) with its 7-nanometer technology manufactured by TSMC (2330.TW).

Both IBM and AMD use external chip factories to compete with Intel. The latter is the main provider of data center CPU chips and one of the few manufacturers that designs and manufactures their own chips.

Intel recently stated that its next-generation manufacturing technology will face delays, and analysts believe that the delay will enable its competitors to gain market share.

IBM has long focused on high-performance computing systems, and three of the world’s ten fastest supercomputers use its chips. The company said on Monday that the Power10 chip is designed for artificial intelligence computing tasks faster than its predecessor, and its work speed is 20 times faster than the previous generation chip.

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