'I don’t have time for negative people now, and never will': Wasim Akram

‘I don’t have time for negative people now, and never will’: Wasim Akram


Islamabad: I have no time to respond to negative figures, so I ignore their comments, former captain Wasim Akram said on Thursday.

Recently, former Pakistan Open batsman Aamir Sohail filed charges against the former fast bowling competition, saying his “captain’s play” was the one that the team did not do after the 1992-2003 World Cup The main reason for the victory in the ICC World Cup.

Regarding criticism, Akram said that sadly, someone used his name to attract people’s attention. “I retired from cricket 17 years ago, but people still use my name to promote their own interests. But I put it in my mind [ignore them].

PakPassion.net website quoted Akram as saying: “I don’t have time to be a negative person now, and never will.”

Akram said that he spent 10 years on the battlefield with the legendary Imran Khan. When he (Imran) took part in politics about 22 years ago, people made fun of him. He said: “After 22 years of perseverance, he came to [Pakistan Prime Minister’s Palace].”

“Take people’s negative emotions as challenges, use them as motivations, and don’t be discouraged because of yourself. When you hear such a voice, this should make a fire in you. Remember we all made mistakes.

I made a lot of mistakes. If I were allowed to return in time, the mistake I wouldn’t make again was to meet friends carefully. Of course, you cannot be picky about your childhood friends, but in later years, you need to be cautious and ensure that their principles are good. They should be those who inspire you. “

“There are two unwritten contracts in life-trust and loyalty. Some people don’t know anything about it, and for their reputation, they will lie and destroy the lives of others and move on.”

According to Akram, several people asked him to write a book, but thought it would make many people unhappy.

“If I write a book, given my knowledge of the Pakistani cricket problem off the court, I may make many people uneasy and even ruin some people, including myself.”

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