Hidden feature tells whether message is read or not in WhatsApp 1

Hidden feature tells whether message is read or not in WhatsApp


With WhatsApp subscribers exceeding 2 billion, Facebook apps are clearly the most popular social messaging platform for most users worldwide. For the same reason, WhatsApp is constantly updating its applications for smoother performance and better privacy.

A few years ago, one of WhatsApp’s most important features was the blue check mark, which lets senders know if the recipient has seen the message. When the scale of a particular message turns blue, the recipient has read the message.

Long before this feature was introduced, the chat application received much criticism because it did not want the sender to know whether he had read the privacy of someone who sent a message, whatever the reason. For those related users, WhatsApp also includes the option to disable the blue check mark or the option to confirm read.

With the Receipt confirmations option disabled, the application ensures that the recipient of a message does not remind the sender when the message is read. There may be several reasons to disable the blue check mark, but on the other hand, assuming the recipient will read the message sooner or later, this can also frustrate senders waiting for an answer.

However, there is a trick to bypass this feature to understand that the message can be read even if the blue scale is disabled. Even more important? The recipient does not even know if you can see whether the sent message has been read.

The following tips are simple and contain a number of specific ways to send messages. If you want to follow this tip, you will most likely judge whether you have special needs to infringe someone’s right to read or not to read, or even to refuse or not to answer right. Give you an answer. This technique can be annoying if you keep doing this repeatedly with everyone or even someone in your address book.

However, this technique is a proven technique and can be used every time you want to achieve it. This is how to do it:

To enable or disable the read confirmation option, open WhatsApp, go to the “Settings” option, click “Privacy” and switch between the “Read confirmation” titles.

Under this option you will see the WhatsApp disclaimer, which reads:

“If you disable read receipts, you cannot see read receipts from others. Read receipts are always set for group chat.”

This is your first method. WhatsApp clearly tells you that the “Read Confirmation” option is not available for group chat, so even if you really don’t care, you can always be sure that you can check if you read e-mail, media, and other documents.