Heatwave to hit Karachi from today

Heatwave to hit Karachi from today


Karachi: The Pakistan Meteorological Department predicts that the city will start a heat wave from today (Sunday) and the mercury content is expected to rise to 41 degrees Celsius.

According to a representative of the Metropolitan Ministry, the sea breeze will remain suspended during the heat wave that lasts until May 21.

This time, during the Ramadan month of Ramadan, city dwellers will endure harsh temperatures while fasting.

Sindh has recorded more than 15,000 coronavirus cases and killed more than 200 people, so the city has also received a blockade order.

However, in the next twelve hours, dry weather may be common in most parts of the country.

Wind and thunderstorms are expected in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir and its adjacent hilly areas.

Temperatures recorded in some major cities on Sunday morning:

Islamabad is 17 degrees Celsius, Lahore 27, Peshawar 20, Karachi 28, Quetta 13, Gilgit and Muri 15 and Muzaffarabad 16 degrees Celsius.

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