Hales deserves 'second chance', says England's Woakes

Hales deserves ‘second chance’, says England’s Woakes


London: Chris Woakes said that Alex Hales should be “reunited” with England after being banished to international exile for the use of recreational drugs.

Shortly before the start of last year’s World Cup game, after his drug test was positive, the upcoming Batman Hales was removed from the World Cup lineup.

Without him, England continued to win the national championship in a dramatic way, and since then he has never played international cricket.

Although he spent a few months in the wilderness, there is speculation that Hayles may recall the white ball.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, England will announce separate “test” and “one-day” team training, and they will bid to complete a complete international family plan for the West Indies, Pakistan, Australia and Ireland.

Australia ’s 20th 20th World Cup is still planned for later this year.

When asked about the prospect of Hales playing for England again, the Warwickshire all-rounder Woakes said: “I don’t know if 100% is the right decision. This is not my decision.

“I believe people can serve their time. So to speak. He has gone through a difficult period and was excluded from the World Cup, and it must be difficult for him to continue to see the team lift the trophy.

“I think that if people leave for a while and try to solve their weaknesses, they should be given a second chance.”

Nottinghamshire ’s Hales is the second-highest scorer in Australia ’s recent Bash game. It has the highest score in three of the five highest-scoring games in England ’s T20 history, including 116 against Sri Lanka.

He scored 171 points in the 2018 Trent Bridge game against Pakistan, second only to Jason Roy’s 180 points, making him the country with the highest individual score in a single-day international competition in England.

Until the beginning of this month, England’s white team captain Eoin Morgan said that Hayles’ move was “extremely harmful”.

Despite this, Woax said he did not question the talent of the 31-year-old and added that Hayes could rejoin the England team.

Volks said: “Alex is a world-class player.” “Actually, I have played a lot of cricket with him since I was a kid.

“In a way, I feel sorry for him, but I understand the decisions of the management, the captain and the rest of the team. I am not 100% aware of what will happen, but I am happy to see Alex returning to England.”

He added: “We have a culture and environment in the England team and we are all trying to develop in the right direction.

“If Alex is willing to do this, then I think everyone will be happy to see him return to England to play.”

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