Gunmen kill Iranian militia commander: state media 1

Gunmen kill Iranian militia commander: state media


Tehran: According to the Iranian state news organization IRNA, the Iranian Basji militia commander was murdered by a raider in Bhutan on Wednesday.

Fars News Agency said Abdolhossein Mojadami was “equipped with two men” at his home in Dakkhov, about 70 kilometers south of the provincial capital Ahwaz. Kalashnikov and shotgun motorcyclist ‘killed.

Fars, who is close to the ultra-conservatives, said that Mojdami was a member of Basij, a loyal militia formed by Iran.

It placed a photo of him in the uniform of the Captain’s Islamic Revolution Guard.

IRNA said Mojadami was one of the “volunteers” involved in the fight against Daesh in Syria or Iraq.

It said no one had claimed responsibility for the “terrorist act” that killed him.

As one of Iran’s poorest oil-producing provinces, Huzestan is one of the main centers of violent protests that fell to around 100 cities in mid-November in response to rising fuel prices.

Amnesty International, a London-based human rights group, said more than 300 people died in the action, including around 40 in Khuzestan.

Iran has refused to call the number of unofficial deaths abroad a “lie.” …

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