Govt to consider reopening of restaurants, Aleem Khan tells delegation

Govt to consider reopening of restaurants, Aleem Khan tells delegation


Lahore: Abdul Aleem Khan, the senior minister of Punjab, assured the Lahore Hotel Association delegation on Monday that the authorities will sympathize with their restaurant reopening requirements.

The delegation was led by President Mahmood Akbar, Chairman Kamran Sheikh, Secretary Ahmed Shafiq and Finance Minister Nisar Chaudhry also attended the meeting.

The senior minister said that the basic right of citizens is to provide good food and poor cleaning conditions in restaurants and kitchens.

Abdul Aleem Khan said, “There is a need to follow social distancing and other precautionary measures under the prevailing conditions of COVID-19 to stay protected.

“He hinted at forming a new advisory board for restaurants. He said that a body comprising representatives of the Punjab Food Authority and restaurants would be formed to resolve the issues through mutual understanding. He said, “We have to ensure quality food and no one could be allowed to play with the health of people just for earning profits.”

The representative of the Lahore Restaurant Association said that the companies they closed were on the verge of collapse, and thousands of people related to the industry had lost their jobs.

They require that, like other businesses, restaurants should be allowed to resume business and comply with all standard operating procedures (SOP) and government conditions.

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