Govt decides against taxing phone calls, SMS and internet

Govt decides against taxing phone calls, SMS and internet


Islamabad: Finance Minister Shaukat Tallinn announced on Saturday that the government has decided not to impose taxes on phone calls, text messages and Internet data.

In his speech at a post-budget press conference, the minister stated that the cabinet has rejected the proposal to receive 1 rupees through a three-minute mobile phone call and 10 paisa text messages.

Shaukat Tallinn further stated that after achieving economic stability, plans are now being made to guide the country to achieve sustainable growth, for which the country needs to increase exports.

When addressing the post-budget issue, the minister said that the main focus of the government now is to promote exports and increase the ratio of exports to GDP from the current 8% to 20%. He added that in order to stabilize the country, there is an urgent need to increase exports. Press conference.

The minister further said that another primary focus of the ‘inclusive growth-oriented’ federal budget for the fiscal year 2021-22 was to uplift the poor so that they would not have to wait for trickledown effect of economic progress.

For the past seventy four years, the low-income people have been waiting for this trickledown effect, but their condition could not be improved and they remained deprived of houses, businesses, cash and health facilities, the minister added.

He said that the government is now directly targeting the poorest people and using different measures to help them improve their living standards without waiting for the trickle-down effect, which he said will take about 20 years of steady economic growth to take effect.

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