Govt cuts petrol price by Rs 7.6 per liter

Govt cuts petrol price by Rs 7.6 per liter


Islamabad: The government lowered the price of petroleum products, and the Ministry of Finance issued a statement in this regard.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Finance said that the government has reduced gasoline prices by 7.6 rupees per liter in response to the decline in global oil product prices. The new gasoline price will now be 74.52 rupees per liter.

According to the statement, kerosene was reduced by 11.88 rupees per metric ton, and is now 35.56 rupees per liter, while high-speed diesel is reduced by 5 paisa per liter. After the price adjustment, the new price of high-speed diesel is fixed at Rs 80.15 per liter.

In addition, the new price of light diesel has been fixed at Rs 38.14 per liter. Earlier, the price of light diesel oil was 47.51 rupees per liter. The implementation of the new price will take effect from midnight tonight.

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