Governor Ismail wants PM Khan to immediately remove Sindh IG

Governor Ismail wants PM Khan to immediately remove Sindh IG


The Governor of Sindh Province, Imran Ismail hopes that the provincial police chief Mushtaq Mahar will take effect immediately.

Governor Ismail has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan and informed him about the details of Haleem Adil Sheikh’s arrest. He alleged that the Sindh Assembly opposition leader was tortured in custody.

“I have written a letter to the prime minister and apprised him of all the details,” the Sindh governor said at a press conference in Karachi. “And I have recommended immediate removal of the Sindh IG.”He wishes for a police chief in Sindh “who may not oblige anyone”.

Ismail alleged that Sheikh was locked up in a cell with other individuals at night and made to be roughed up. “This is what happened to the opposition leader in the province,” he lamented.

The governor said that the Sindh provincial government seemed to have failed completely. He said that police officials testified that a snake was also found in Sheikh’s prison cell.

Sheikh was arrested in Mariel, Karachi last week. He was accused of violating election rules and interfering with Memon Goth’s anti-aggression operations.

The opposition leader of the Sindh Provincial Assembly was remanded in the Memon Goth assault case.

Earlier in the day, the Sindh Provincial Government released a CCTV video of the Karachi Central Prison in response to Sheikh’s torture charges.

The video shows that Sheikh came out of the door wearing a light colored samewar qameez and a dark vest. He was accompanied by a policeman.

A few seconds after they got out of the frame, almost no police rushed in the direction Sheikh was walking. Then she saw Sheikh running behind the door from where he walked out.

A guard held Sheikh’s shoulder as if to protect him.

Jail Superintendent Hassan Sehto said that Sheikh was not touched or slapped by the police. He was being transferred to B-Class jail when passing through the jail’s waiting area some prisoners chanted slogans.

Prison officials said that within 26 seconds, he was transferred back to the inspector’s office.

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