Government decides to assist people who earn less than Rs25,000 in buying rations


Islamabad: The federal government decided Monday to help people who earn less than Rs 25,000 a month to buy rations.

At a federal cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government decided to help people with a monthly income of less than Rs 25,000 by buying wheat, sugar, beans, and other rations.

The prime minister was informed of all ministries. He instructed the government to allocate a special fund in the next budget to help people buy rations.

The proposal lacks details about how the government will help people to buy rations. The prime minister reportedly said during the meeting that the current government will support those struggling to survive.

He said the founding of Panah Gahs and Soup Kitchen proved the government’s determination to help the poor and the poor. Prime Minister Imran praised the private sector and people who work with the government to help the poor.

The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation for Twitter, praised the Cabinet’s decision and praised them for reducing inflation in February compared to January.

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