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Google to build its own chip for new Pixel smartphone


MOUNTAIN VIEW: Google launched a new flagship Pixel smartphone on Monday, which uses its first mobile chip to put artificial intelligence in people’s hands.

The Pixel 6 model with ultra-high-speed 5G wireless capabilities scheduled to be released later this year will debut Google’s own Tensor chip, which is made in accordance with the processor series it makes for data centers, allowing computers to think like humans .

“It s basically a mobile system on a chip designed around artificial intelligence,” Google devices senior vice president Rick Osterloh said during a briefing at the company s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

“We re really excited about it. We re setting the stage to really grow the business.”

Google s Pixel line has captured scant share in a global smartphone market dominated by Samsung, Apple and Chinese manufacturers.

Pixel phones have been seen as a way for Google to showcase the capabilities of its free Android mobile operating system, setting a standard for other smartphone makers.

“We ve always thought about our hardware products in the context of driving computing forward,” said Google chief executive Sundar Pichai.

“Our custom Google Tensor chip, which has been four years in the making and builds off of two decades of Google s computing experience, does exactly that.”

Osterloh said that the hardware and software combination of Pixel 6 improves the ability of smartphones to understand what people are saying, which is another step towards the future of “environmental computing.”

This phrase refers to the ability to access the Internet or computing power in a conversational manner at any time, as depicted in the 2013 science fiction romance movie “She”.

Osterloh said: “This is basically the concept that you should be able to interact with the surrounding computers naturally.”

“In the foreseeable future, we believe that mobile phones will become the center of this field.”

The demo showed that this smarter chip is also used to improve photo and video functions in response to the popular trend of sharing images and short-format clips online.

A series of sensors for photography are located in the strap on the back of the smartphone. Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch borderless screen, while the Pro model is slightly larger.

When Google turned to Tensor, the world was facing a shortage of chips, which hindered the production of products ranging from cars to computers.

“In some ways, fortunately we can control our own destiny,” Osterlow said of the bargaining chip crisis.

“We think we can get through the storm and see it get better before the end of the year.”

The release date and pricing of the Pixel 6 were not disclosed.

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