Google Photos' free unlimited storage ends

Google Photos’ free unlimited storage ends


Google Photos is ending its free unlimited storage on June 1st. From now on, any photo you upload (including compressed “storage saver” pics) counts toward your Google Drive storage limit unless it comes from a Pixel phone.

If you need more space, you must purchase the Google One plan, which starts at $2 per month for 100GB of drive space and expands to 2TB for $10 per month.

Any photos you upload before June 1st will not count towards the limit. Google also makes it easier to delete unwanted photos through a tool that can find fuzzy snapshots, screenshots, and other items that can usually be deleted.

Google explained this move in November last year as a necessary step to “keep up” with storage demand. Unexpectedly, 80% of photo users will be in another three years, although this is even more of a problem for users who have loaded other content in their free Drive space.

If you count on Google Photos as a backup for your picture library, you are not completely in trouble. If you need a free service and your collection is small, you can use the free service for services such as Dropbox or Flickr. Another paid service you use will most likely provide its own cloud storage.

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