Google offers free Stadia game access during pandemic 1

Google offers free Stadia game access during pandemic


San Francisco: Google offered free services to the Stadia online video game service on Wednesday and offered an escape route for people walking around at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Launched in the second half of last year, Stadia is designed to give people access to console-quality games just as easily as sending emails on a range of internet-connected devices.

Phil Harrison, president of Stadia Video, said in an online post, “Keeping social distance is critical, but staying home for a long time can be difficult and feel isolated.”

“When you’re at home, video games can be a valuable way to interact with friends and family.”

Google offers two months of free access to Stadia. This product is expected to launch in 14 countries / regions this weekend.

According to Harrison, those who signed up for the service can play 9 games, including the “Fate” series, and may choose to purchase other games.

Harrison said, “Because there are more people at home during this time and demand is increasing, we are handling Internet traffic responsibly.”

Stadia has adapted the game streaming load to the internet function the player lives in, but is working to reduce the graphic resolution to reduce the online data load.

Harrison said, “The vast majority of people on desktop or laptop computers don’t notice a significant decrease in game quality.” He warned that Stadia technical support may be subject to Hinder.

Google is trying to disrupt the world of video games through Stadia, but has not revealed how many fans it has attracted since the service launched in November.

The kit sold by Google includes a Stadia controller and a hanging Chromecast Ultra wireless device that can be plugged into the TV.

Stadia games can also be played with the Google Chrome web browser software on the computer and Pixel smartphones created by Google after the second generation.

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