Google makes its video meeting service free to all

Google makes its video meeting service free to all


San Francisco: On Tuesday, Google provided business video conferencing services to all users for free. As people flocked to the Internet to keep in touch during the pandemic, competition for Zoom intensified.

Google Meet was previously reserved for subscribers of the premium enterprise version of the G Suite software tool.

Javier Soltaro, vice president of G Suite, told AFP that Meet will “open to all users around the world so that people from all walks of life can communicate through epidemics and stay in touch effectively.”

Google praised the security and reliability features of Meet and its foundation in the computing cloud of the Internet giant in California. The use of video telephony and conferencing has skyrocketed as people evade coronavirus at home, study and socialize.

Many people have turned to Zoom, which strives to prevent security breaches such as data intrusion and harassment by individuals who collapse sessions in so-called “Zoombombing.”

Google said in a blog, “It has been invested for several years to make Meet a safe and reliable video conferencing solution, trusted by schools, governments and businesses around the world.”

The company said that people will need to use or create a free Google account to participate in the meeting, the meeting time limit is 60 minutes, starting from the end of September.

Google said that free access will be gradually introduced in the next few weeks.

According to Google, Meet videoconferencing is already available to approximately 6 million businesses and organizations from hospitals and banks to manufacturing facilities and warehouses that already use G Suite.

A few days ago, Facebook launched a new video chat service with a virtual “room” where people can chat to visit friends. Through the Facebook Messenger app, users can initiate video call sessions even if they do n’t have a Facebook account. As long as they want, up to 50 friends can join and wander.

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