Global virus death toll passes 94,000, but some signs of hope 1

Global virus death toll passes 94,000, but some signs of hope


Brussels: In another horrifying day of the coronavirus pandemic, the global death toll exceeded 94,000, although there are preliminary signs that the crisis is expected to intensify in the United States and Europe.

With the International Monetary Fund warning of the Great Depression and data showing that 17 million Americans are unemployed, the picture of the worsening economic disaster has become clearer, but the EU ’s financial bailout agreement has provided some relief for a series of bad news.

On Thursday, another 1,700 people died in the United States, and hundreds more died across Europe, bringing the number of confirmed deaths worldwide to more than 94,000.

In the past week, almost half of all pandemic deaths have occurred.

However, the most affected European and American authorities said that the number of daily deaths and infections has declined slightly, which gives people reason to hope that the worst will end.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said: “The fire caused by the pandemic has begun to be brought under control.” The death toll in Spain has decreased from 757 a day ago to 683, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to more than 15,000.

“Our priority now is not to look back, especially not to return to the starting point and not to lower our vigilance.”

France also reported that COVID-19’s intensive care patients decreased by 82, the first decline since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Anthony Fauci, the top epidemiologist in the US government, said the US is “moving in the right direction.”

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University at 0030 GMT, the United States recorded 1,783 deaths in the past 24 hours, which was lower than the record 1,973 deaths the previous day.

The number of confirmed deaths in the United States exceeds 16,500, the second highest statistics in the world after Italy, with more than 460,000 confirmed cases.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that in New York, the center of the virus in the United States, only more than 200 people entered the hospital, the lowest number since the pandemic occurred, although 799 people died on the last day.

Cuomo said: “We are making the curve flat by what we do, we have to keep the curve flat.”

But he refused to predict New York fares in the coming weeks, and he told reporters straightforwardly: “I don’t know.”

The spirit is even more inspiring. The health of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has improved, the most notable of the 1.5 million people infected by the virus, and he has ended three days of intensive care.

However, Britain announced on Thursday that there were 881 deaths, bringing the total to nearly 8,000.

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