Global coronavirus death toll tops 4,000 1

Global coronavirus death toll tops 4,000


Beijing: According to AFP, the global death toll on the new coronavirus exceeded 4,000 on Tuesday, while China reported 17 new deaths.

The death toll of the epidemic reached 4,011, which has spread to more than 100 countries, with more than 110,000 cases of infection.

The epidemic disrupted global travel and forced the cancellation of everything from meetings to sporting events.

But in China, the steady decline of new cases in recent weeks suggests that the country’s unprecedented blockade seems to work.

Data from the National Health Council showed that only 19 new cases were reported on Tuesday, the lowest level since the government started counting infections on January 21.

With the exception of two imported cases brought in from abroad, all newly infected cases are located in the virus concentration area in downtown Wuhan.

This means that there are no indigenous cases in other parts of the country.

All 17 new deaths occurred in central Hubei province – 16 cases in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, leading to 3,136 deaths across the country.

This is the lowest daily toll since the end of January.

With more than 80,750 infected people in China, China has taken unprecedented blockade measures to control the spread of the virus.

As the number of cases of the disease abroad increases, there is growing concern that the virus can be brought back to China from other countries, thereby undermining China’s progress.

According to Chinese health officials, there are currently 69 cases imported.

The World Health Organization said on Monday that more than 70% of people infected with the new corona virus have recovered in China, adding that China is “controlling the epidemic.”

There have been signs in recent days that some restrictions on relocation and collection may be canceled, and some areas will reopen schools or announce dates for resuming lessons.

Most of the 16 temporary hospitals opened in Wuhan are closed – the last two are expected to be closed on Tuesday.

Shanghai Disney said that while the amusement park is still closed, it will reopen its Disney Township shopping and entertainment venue in “the first step of a phased reopening.”

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