Global coronavirus cases top 20M as Russia approves vaccine

Global coronavirus cases top 20M as Russia approves vaccine


Rome: With Russia becoming the first country to approve a vaccine against the virus on Tuesday, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide exceeds 20 million, more than half of which are from the United States, India and Brazil.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that one of his two adult daughters had already been inoculated with the cleared vaccine, which he described as effective. “She’s feeling well and has a high number of antibodies,” Putin said.

Russia has reported more than 890,000 cases, the fourth-highest total in the world, according to a Johns Hopkins University tally that also showed total confirmed cases globally surpassing 20 million.

After the virus first appeared in central China at the end of last year, it took about six months to get 10 million cases. In just over six weeks, this number has doubled.

The Associated Press analysis of data as of August 9 shows that since 15 million coronavirus cases occurred in the world on July 22, the United States, India, and Brazil together accounted for nearly two-thirds of all reported infections. .

Health officials believe that due to testing restrictions, the actual number of people infected with the virus is much higher than the count kept by Johns Hopkins University, and as many as 40% of people infected with the virus have no symptoms.

As a result, even if the United Nations warns that all vaccines must be safe and not limited to the rich, but must be made available to everyone, the race to develop and provide vaccines has become the top priority of the global health care and geopolitical agenda.

Putin said that the Russian vaccine has passed the necessary tests and has long-lasting immunity to the coronavirus. But scientists at home and abroad warn that rushing to start using the vaccine before the third phase of the trial (which usually lasts several months and involves thousands of people) may be counterproductive.

“The point is not to be first with a vaccine,” U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Tuesday during a visit to Taiwan when asked about the Russian vaccine. “The point is to have a vaccine that is safe and effective for the American people and the people of the world.”

The United States is developing six candidate vaccines, China has begun to vaccinate experimental vaccines, and European countries are conducting multiple trials.

In Europe, countries that appeared to have contained the outbreak and lifted many public restrictions during the nationwide lockdown have tried to prevent the virus from recurring. Finland joined France and Germany and announced that it will test passengers arriving in dangerous countries.

When the virus first broke out on the European continent, Spain and Italy were hit hardest, and Western Europe now has the most confirmed cases, reaching nearly 323,000. Since the strict three-month lockdown ended on June 21, the number of new cases in Spain has been steadily increasing, reaching 1,486 on Monday.

In Greece, the country adopted strict lockdown measures early and kept the reported cases at a low level during the worst period of the epidemic in Europe. The Greek government announced new measures on Monday to prevent an outbreak. It ordered bars, restaurants and cafes in several areas to close between midnight and 7 am.

Outside Europe, the infection rate is increasing exponentially.

The number of new cases reported daily in India continues to increase, reaching an average of 58,768 for seven consecutive days. In the United States, more than 5 million cases have been confirmed so far. Since July 22, the daily average has declined, but it has remained at a high level of more than 53,000.

There are more than 500,000 cases in South Africa. In the country with the highest number of HIV-positive people in the world, the virus has disrupted the supply of antiretroviral drugs, and the United Nations agency said this could cause 500,000 AIDS-related deaths.

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins, the number of reported coronavirus cases worldwide doubled in 45 days to 20 million, and the number of reported virus deaths rose from 499,506 to 736,191, an average of more than 5,200 per day.

About one-fifth of the reported deaths, or more than 163,000, ranks first in the world in the United States.

In many other countries, including Indonesia and Japan, the number of cases is still increasing rapidly.

In Mexico, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) is like Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (Jair Bolsonaro) and US President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) ) Similarly, they rarely wear masks and refuse to demand strict lockdowns, saying that Mexicans should be persuaded to abide by the social distancing policy instead of being forced to do so by the police. Or fine.

Mexico has nearly 500,000 cases and more than 50,300 deaths. Given that more than half of the people have no benefits or unemployment insurance, they have been working hard to contain the outbreak.

President Hugo López-Gatell, Deputy Health Minister, said that a total lockdown is too expensive for those with little savings and a meager daily income.

“We do not want a solution that would, in social terms, be more costly than the disease itself,” he said.

Mexico’s relatively high mortality rate is partly due to the country having one of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the world. There are also relatively few tests. Of all the tests completed, 47% were positive, indicating that only severely ill patients can be tested. This hinders contract tracking.

India reported 53,601 new cases on Tuesday, with a total number of infections close to 2.3 million. The reported case fatality rate is 2%, much lower than the United States and Brazil.

Vietnam has never reported confirmed deaths and very few cases to fight a new outbreak in the coastal city of Da Nang.

New Zealand, praised for its rapid control of the virus, reported its first locally transmitted case in 102 days on Tuesday. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that authorities have found four cases of the coronavirus in a family in Auckland from an unknown source.

At the same time, the epidemic situation in mainland China and semi-autonomous Hong Kong has decreased, and the number of new community infections in China has dropped to 13, all in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. Hong Kong counted 69 new cases.

Today, border blockades, masks, blockades and infection data have become new ways of life in many parts of the world, rather than politically combustible topics in the United States.

A review by the Kaiser Health News Service and the Associated Press found that since April, at least 49 state and local public health leaders have resigned, retired or been fired in 23 states . Since AP and KHN started tracking in June, the list has grown by more than 20 people.

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