German virus spread worsens as lockdown eases

German virus spread worsens as lockdown eases


Berlin: For the first time, official German data shows signs of the new coronavirus spreading again, just as Germany is trying to relax its blockade carefully.

Data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) responsible for disease control show that the reproduction or infection rate closely monitored by health authorities has risen again to around 1.0, which means that each infected person will spread the virus to each other.

Ministers and virologists have played a role in compressing numbers below 1.0.

After Prime Minister Angela Merkel warned the German federal government not to relax the blockade too quickly, the country experienced several days of media and political debate.

Since mid-April, the infection rate has dropped to 0.7 and then increased again.

At the same time, the mortality rate of the disease is increasing day by day.

According to RKI data, by Tuesday, this figure had reached 3.8%, still far lower than neighboring countries such as France.

The latest data shows that there are 156,337 cases and 5,913 deaths in Germany.

The rise in infection rates and death rates may be confusing to the authorities, because people are only keen on the blockade measures and have just begun to enjoy some regained freedom, and the political and media’s original united front collapsed.

Health Minister Jens Spahn announced in early April that the pandemic was “controlled” in Germany. Merkel and the state prime ministers agreed that smaller stores can be opened from last week, and some students will return next Monday school.

At the same time, some major companies such as auto giant Volkswagen have restarted production in recent days.

Now, the less encouraging data will be discussed with regional leaders on Thursday, and a new round of locking decisions will be made on May 6.

Up to now, it is expected that the party on May 6 will further relax the restrictions.

Merkel s pleas not to rush a step-by-step unwinding of lockdown for fear of again worsening the virus  spread were dismissed or even blasted as authoritarian by some voices in media and the opposition.

“Even if we assume that one person infects 1.1 others, we would reach the limits of what our health system and intensive care beds can manage in October,” she warned earlier this month.

“If we assume a rate of 1.2… we would reach the health system s limit in July. And with a rate of 1.3 — it doesn t sound like much — we would get there in June already,” she added.

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