Gal Gadot sheds light on producing ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Gal Gadot sheds light on producing ‘Wonder Woman 1984’


American actress Gal Gadot recently clarified production process behind creating Wonder Woman 1984.

In regards to the production process Gal Gadot was quoted saying, “It was an amazing opportunity for me to really learn from the best. I do what I do out of passion and love for the arts and the craft.”

Per IANS’s report, “And, even though I’m the one who, along with (director) Patty (Jenkins), knows the character so well because I play her, there’s something so eye-opening in being involved in such a huge project from such an early stage, and being involved in the creation of the story, the visuals and the locations… all of those things.”

“I’ve learned so much from Patty and from (producer) Chuck Roven, and now having my own production company I find it very useful, so it was great.”

Regarding the upcoming sequel the Hollywood A-lister went on to say, “Well, the first movie was the coming of age of Diana becoming Wonder Woman and learning her powers and strength, and really the first time she was introduced to mankind’s world.”

“She was the fish out of water, everything was so new to her. Now we meet her over six decades later, and she’s been around and obviously she’s much more mature and wiser, and she understands the complexities of humankind.”

She concluded by saying, “But she’s also very lonely because she’s lost all of her team members throughout the years. And she’s been guarded and very private.”

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