Fusion energy device sets a record by running for 20 seconds

Fusion energy device sets a record by running for 20 seconds

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Seoul: The Korean Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) is a superconducting fusion device, also known as the Korean artificial sun. It has successfully maintained high-temperature plasma for 20 seconds and the ion temperature exceeds 100 million degrees. World record (Celsius), reported on the science website.

The KSTAR Research Center at the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy (KFE) announced that in a joint research with the Seoul National University (SNU) and Columbia University of the United States, it succeeded in continuous operation of plasma for 20 seconds with an ion-temperature higher than 100 million degrees, which is one of the core conditions of nuclear fusion in the 2020 KSTAR Plasma Campaign.

It is an achievement to extend the 8 second plasma operation time during the 2019 KSTAR Plasma Campaign by more than 2 times. In its 2018 experiment, the KSTAR reached the plasma ion temperature of 100 million degrees for the first time.

In order to reproduce the fusion reaction that takes place in the sun on Earth, hydrogen isotopes must be placed inside a fusion device like KSTAR to form a plasma state in which ions and electrons are separated, and ions must be heated and held in At high temperatures.

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