Fresh bloodshed in Myanmar as UN set to meet on crisis

Fresh bloodshed in Myanmar as UN set to meet on crisis


Yangon: A protester was shot dead in Myanmar on Friday, in the latest round of bloodletting at anti-coup demonstrations as the UN Security Council prepared to meet on the escalating crisis.

Despite the increasingly brutal repression carried out by the military authorities and witnessed the deaths of more than 50 people, demonstrators once again took to the streets in cities and towns across the country to condemn the coup on February 1.

The violence has aroused condemnation from all over the world. The head of human rights at the United Nations has asked the military government to “stop the murder and imprisonment of demonstrators,” and the Security Council will discuss the crisis later on Friday.

However, despite increasing international pressure, the generals showed no signs of restraint.

In Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city, hundreds of engineers took to the streets, shouting “the released leader”, referring to the dismissed state counselor Aung San Suu who had been detained by the military since the first night of the coup. Ji.

Medical staff told AFP that a 26-year-old man died after being shot in the head to help slow the safety of the security forces in a barrier set up in the city.

The killing came after the deadliest day of repression so far on Wednesday. At the time, the United Nations stated that at least 38 people had been killed because graphic images showed security forces shooting at the crowd and bloody bodies being dragged away.

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