France's coronavirus death rate, new cases slow

France’s coronavirus death rate, new cases slow


Paris: On Thursday, the growth rate of newly diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in France declined slightly, and health authorities reported another 318 known infections, which increased by 0.2% within 24 hours.

The growth rate of reported deaths has also slowed, with 83 people dying from COVID-19 in the past day, bringing the total to 28,215. An increase of 0.3%.

On Wednesday, the number of new cases and deaths increased by 0.3% and 0.4%, respectively.

Thursday is a public holiday in France. Especially on weekends and national holidays, the number of deaths and cases reported by nursing homes may be slower.

In the last two weeks of the blockade, the average number of confirmed cases increased by 0.8% per day.

The government is paying close attention to this indicator to ensure that the gradual easing of lock-in measures will not cause people to worry about the second wave of diseases.

Genevieve Chene, head of French health authority Sante Publique (SPF), said this week that despite the emergence of new infections in France, there is no indication that the pandemic is accelerating, after France began to rise cautiously from the blockade on May 11.

But she said it will take another week to get a fuller picture of the impact of relaxing restrictions.

Data from Thursday showed that the number of COVID-19 patients receiving treatment in the intensive care unit decreased from 1,794 a day ago to 1,745. A total of 17,583 people were hospitalized for COVID-19, a decrease of 358 in the past 24 hours.

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