France gets new PM as Macron charts ‘new course’

France gets new PM as Macron charts ‘new course’


Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron appointed a senior bureaucrat on Friday to replace Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, whose government resigned after a bad local election showed the ruling party.

The new premier, Jean Castex, officially a member of the right-wing opposition but in charge of overseeing the country’s progressive emergence from coronavirus lockdown, is taking over as Philippe leaves the post after three years, the Elysee Palace announced.

Macron has said he will set a “new course” for the government as the country grapples with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

There may now be a broader cabinet reshuffle later today.

After Macron’s centrist party was elected in a municipal election last Sunday and Greens controlled several major cities, it was speculated that Philip would withdraw from the market this week.

Right-wing politician Philippe has never participated in the Move party of the Moron’s Republic and easily won the bid to become the mayor of Le Havre.

However, despite the general expectation that Macron and the left-wing prime minister will improve socialist literacy, Castex is from the right-wing Republican Party.

Although Philip’s support rate for dealing with the coronavirus crisis has risen, Macron has been carrying out ambitious economic reforms since taking office in 2017, but his support rate has declined.

In an interview with a regional newspaper published late Thursday, Macron said that France must prepare for the “very difficult” economic crisis, “so we must develop a new route.”

“I see this based on an economic, social, environmental and cultural reconstruction,” he said. “Behind this, there will be a new team.”

Philippe has served Macron since he assumed the presidency. He has carried out a series of controversial reforms, triggering a massive strike and a fierce “yellow vest” anti-government uprising.

An official at the Elysee Palace said on Friday that at a meeting on Thursday, Macron and Philip “agreed that the new government should reflect the need for a new stage in this term.”

“A new phase is opening, with new talents and new methods for governing,” the source said.

News reports indicate that possible replacements may include Secretary of Defense Florence Pali or Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Yves Le Derian, both of whom were socialists before joining the Macron team.

But analysts say that Macron’s replacements are few, mainly because his young party failed to produce any outstanding performance in parliament, which means he can select a relatively unknown person in the public.

Other senior leaders may also go out in the cabinet reshuffle, which may be completed before the end of the day.

The Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, under special pressure, was criticized by critics for failing to contain the riots and robbery that undermined the “yellow vest” protests in 2018-2019.

Recently, Castaner (Castaner) angered the police, who said that after the “Black Life Problems” movement, he failed to support their opposition to the renewed claims of violence and racism.

Since Macron’s presidency, 17 ministers have resigned, the most recent one being Agnes Buzyn, who resigned as minister of health, destined to seize the position of mayor of Paris from the socialist Anne Hidalgo.

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