'Nation will not forgive those who try to create political instability'

Former rulers bankrupted the province: CM Punjab


Lahore: Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar on Saturday said that wrong policies and showoff projects of past rulers bankrupted the province while public kept longing for actual development.

Usman Buzdar stated in a statement that Punjab is now in a stage of progress and development due to the government’s economic policy. The government allocated 560 billion rupees for development projects, an increase of 66%.

CM Punjab stated that the government has set aside 25 billion rupees for public-private partnership projects, and when announcing the provision of health insurance for the entire population of the province, said that universal health insurance is the flagship project of the PTI government.

He further stated that the government has increased the salaries and pensions of government employees by 10%, and officials at levels 1 to 19 will also receive a 25% special allowance.

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