Former Indian Generals say Ladakh tension more serious than in past

Former Indian Generals say Ladakh tension more serious than in past


Mumbai: Former Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General DS Hooda (Veteran) and Lieutenant General SL Narasimhan (Veteran) of the National Security Advisory Board Narasimhan said that there are multiple points along the actual control line (LAC) The tensions on the border with China continue to be more serious than the past events, which shows China’s plan and the possibility of a long-term stalemate.

Hindus reported that General Huda said that a key difference is that past events are localized, including road building activities. These events include Depsang in 2013, Chumar in 2014, and Doklam in 2017.

“We absolutely don’t understand the red lines and requirements of both parties. One wants to build and the other says no. Therefore, we know the steps to solve the problem. In this case, I am not sure if we know this. What do the Chinese want? Why are there incidents in so many regions? Will they relax and then invest so much money into these areas? This increases the risk and increases the difficulty of resolution. We are in difficult and difficult negotiations, and may even be protracted for a long time.” He added.

Lieutenant General S. L. Narasimhan (retired) said: “The problem is that before these multiple confrontations, some kind of planning had been carried out.”

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