FO refutes news of Trump's visit to Pakistan 1

FO refutes news of Trump’s visit to Pakistan


Islamabad: Foreign Office Spokesperson Ayesha Farooqi said on Monday that United States President Donald Trump was unlikely to pay a visit to Pakistan.

She called speculation about Trump’s visit to Pakistan “wrong.”

An AC spokesperson welcomed the announcement of the US peace agreement with the Taliban and expressed the hope that the agreement will bring peace and stability to Afghanistan.

Thousands of people crowded into a stadium in West India on Monday to welcome US President Donald Trump, who was in tension due to a trade dispute and began his first official visit to India.

Trump begins a welcoming welcome to the western city of Ahmedabad, the political hometown of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the start of a two-day trip that will also send him for formal meetings taken to Agra and Delhi.

US officials say American concerns persisted last year, leading to the suspension of tax-free treatment by India of around $ 5.6 billion in exports under the general preferential regime of the 1970s era.

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