FM Qureshi pledges to develop strong ties with African countries


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday expressed commitment to develop healthy ties with African countries.

Addressing the Envoys’ Conference entitled Engage Africa in Islamabad, he said the Foreign Office would fully facilitate and cooperate with the commerce ministry to achieve this objective.

Adviser on Commerce Razaq Dawood said their vision was to double trade with African countries in the next five years which currently hovers between three to four billion dollars.

He said Pakistan’s exports to Africa have risen more than one billion dollars. “Our locally manufactured tractors are making their way in several African countries including Mozambique and Angola.”

Referring to the continent’s potential, the adviser said Pakistan was holding a trade conference in Nairobi next year to exploit more opportunities.

Alluding to the improvement in country’s economic indicators, the FM said economic diplomacy was important for socioeconomic development of Pakistan.

He reiterated that the foreign policy could become effective and meaningful if the country was economically strong.

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