Flour price rise Rs 75 per kg for the first time in Pakistan 1

Flour price rise Rs 75 per kg for the first time in Pakistan


Islamabad: In the context of a national crisis, the government cannot control the price of wheat flour. In some cities the price of wheat flour has risen for the first time to Rs 75 per kg, which is a heavy burden on the public.

In some cities, including Peshawar and Hazara, Nambais (the baker) has closed their next door since Monday and is cooperating with the province of Khyber Pukhtuk The government of Warsaw (KP) strikes after failed negotiations.

With KP, a bag of ultrafine wheat flour of Rs 85 kg costs 5,200 and a bag of Rs 1,100 kg.

Nanbai, on the other hand, has asked that the price of roti (170 grams) be set at 15 rupees, while claiming that the rates for wood and natural gas have also risen.

In Multan, citizens are forced to buy wheat flour for more than Rs 60 per kilo because of ‘artificial’ shortages on the open market.

In the store, the price of wholegrain flour is Rs 64 per kg, while the price of white flour by the owner is a maximum of Rs 80 per kg. As a result, South Bass has already raised the price of Indian barbecues and Indian sausages with 2 rupees in the city.

Although subsidized wheat flour was not available at specific points of sale allocated by supermarkets and regional governments, the government still claims that 80 points have been set to deliver 10 kg wheat bags at a fixed price of Rs 402 per bag.

The government also said that after delivering 29,335 bags of 20 kg per day at these outlets, action was taken to make a complaint.

In many cities, there are long lines of sales for subsidized wheat flour set up by local governments.

In other cities in Punjab, including Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Gujranwala, wheat flour costs Rs 70 per kilo. The price of flour in Lahore has increased by 6 rupees in the last days.

In Lahore, people are forced to buy flour at a maximum price of Rs 70 per kilogram, while growers hold flour factory owners and the government responsible for the Atat crisis.

In Faisalabad, flour prices have risen by Rs 30 per kg because wheat stocks at the factories have been suspended.

Other nanbais associations in Punjab gave the government an ultimatum and asked the government to flower them at earlier prices, otherwise they would raise the prices of Naan and Roti.

Shockingly, food aid minister Sami Ullah Chaudhary from Punjab has denied that there is a shortage of wheat flour in Punjab and says it “officially costs 805 Rs per 20 kg of wheat flour”. “We are ready to be punished with Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa […] for the incompetence of others.”

On the other hand, the provincial food department and the Lahore District Administration have jointly developed a plan to “relieve” the urban public in the current crisis and to deliver 10,000 bags of wheat flour to ten demonstration markets.

In Sindh, the price of 100 kilos of flour in bags reached a record high of Rs 5,300 within three months after an increase of Rs 1,300 due to a disruption of the wheat supply from steel mills.

The provincial government of Sindh, on the other hand, held the federal government responsible for the wheat crisis and the subsequent rise in flour prices.

Given the sharp price increase from 40 kg of wheat to Rs 2,150, the supplier of the flour factory (owner of Atta Chakki) refused to sell the flour for less than Rs 70 / kg.

In Karachi, the 5 kg and 10 kg flower bags of the Bake Parlor and Ashrafi brands further increased from Rs. 310-330 and Rs. 630-640 two days ago to Rs. 340-350 and Rs. 660-670.

Some retailers are warning consumers of further price increases by asking brands for 10kg of premium flour to cost between Rs 680 and Rs 700. Chakki flour and superfine flour (Maida) are priced at Rs 70 per kg.

Despite the government’s so-called measures, the “wheat crisis” continues to prevail throughout the state, and even the reception centers are unable to provide assistance to citizens, which has caused more suffering for ordinary people.

The crisis became even worse on the day after Prime Minister Imran instructed the provincial government to play an active role in reducing food prices, windfall profits and ho ho.

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