Fighting Coronavirus: UAE hospital starts "fever clinic" to curb the spread of Covid-19 1

Fighting Coronavirus: UAE hospital starts “fever clinic” to curb the spread of Covid-19


The UAE has stepped up its efforts to prevent the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Health authorities conducted record-breaking tests, and the hospital took other measures. A new “fever clinic” has been established in hospitals in Abu Dhabi city and suburbs.

The new system deployed by VPS Healthcare will screen everyone before entering the hospital.

A healthcare professional will check everyone for Covid-19 symptoms and transfer any suspicious cases to a separate clinical area outside the hospital.

“Fever Clinic” tents have been raised outside Burjeel, LLH, Medeor and Lifecare hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Musafa.

Dr. Naveen Hood Ali, the head of the Medeor hospital department, said the classification system will help detect and control the spread of infections within the hospital as early as possible.

“Hundreds of patients visit, our hospital daily,for various reasons. There is a risk that infected patients may come inside the hospital and mingle with others. This may result in spreading of the viral infection. The triage system adopted at our hospitals has put a check on this.”

He pointed out that now anyone who comes to the hospital will be thoroughly inspected at the entrance.

“Our staff will check the temperature and see if a person has any symptoms of Covid-19 such as respiratory issues, sore throat. Once this is done, the staff will verify if they had any contact with infected persons or recent travel history to affected countries. Any suspected case will be soon shifted to the separate clinical area set up outside the hospital.”

Then, experts wearing a full set of personal protective equipment will screen the patient, collect samples and take necessary actions, including transfer to the isolation room through special channels.

The new classification method is also important because many healthcare professionals treating infected patients are infected with the virus globally.

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