Federal minister Zaidi sets out to meet with Macch martyrs’ families

Federal minister Zaidi sets out to meet with Macch martyrs’ families


Federal Maritime Minister Ali Haider Zaidi announced on Tuesday that he will leave Quetta to meet the relatives of the Macch martyrs in the Hazara community.

He said of himself and Sayed Zulfi Bukhari that together they were on their way to Quetta to sympathize with the families of Macch martyrs.

“We will meet them tonight,” He said in a Twitter post earlier today.

Earlier than his departure announcement, he had tweeted of the horrible incident that the gruesome images of the Quetta massacre shocked everyone.

Ali Zaidi noted that at different levels “we all represent the State”, and added that the state must take responsibility of protecting its people.

“Those responsible for this terrorism will be brought to justice!”

Zaidi said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Govt led by Prime Minister Imran Khan “will not leave any stone unturned till justice is delivered”.

“This I can promise as a humble servant of the state.”

It is worth mentioning that families in the sad Hazara community have been protesting against the Macch martyrs in the freezing cold for three consecutive days, with the bodies of their relatives driving on the road.

The protesters placed the bodies of the lost on the road near the West Bypass in Quetta and demanded that the state bring justice to them.

As the protests against the killing continued, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad) tried to pass judicial guarantees to talk to the protesters’ families during a visit to Quetta yesterday, but he failed. .

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