FBR begins probe into sugar dealers over sustained shortage

FBR begins probe into sugar dealers over sustained shortage


LAHORE: In the midst of a sustained sugar shortage in Punjab, sugar dealers have come on the radar of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). An investigation has been launched against the sugar dealers to get to the bottom of the shortage.

According to the details, consumers in Lahore find it difficult to buy sugar and flour. The Babar Center was still closed even on the 9th day, and sugar trading could not start.

After the sugar supply was interrupted, it is being sold on the black market. Following the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA), the FBI also began investigating the taxation of 37 sugar merchants.

It has also started scrutinizing the bank accounts and assets of registered sugar dealers. According to sources, FBR has automatically registered unregistered sugar dealers earning billions of rupees.

As of March 30, the price of sugar in the wholesale market has reached Rs 110 per kg. Similarly, a 20 kg bag of flour is no longer available in the market.

The unavailability of flour and sugar has worried both retailers and consumers, who say the situation is grave and that both commodities will disappear before Ramadan.

According to sources, the sugar shortage in the city has reached 216,000 bags. However, a coherent government system to restore supply has not been observed.

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