FIA arrests 7 for alleged involvement in sugar price hike

‘Fake’ Additional Director of FIA arrested in Karachi


Karachi: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) claimed on Friday that it had arrested a person from Karachi posing as an additional director of the agency.

The deputy director of the FIA ​​Cybercrime Department gave a detailed account of the arrest, saying that the defendant had fooled people by claiming to be the Sindh police and officials of the agency.

“Besides impersonating as an FIA official, he also had a fake ID and an office in the name of the agency where he used to commit fraud with the masses,” the official said adding that he also used to introduce his wife as an additional session judge to get monetary benefits.

The FIA ​​recovered from the defendants cheques from multiple banks, bank statements, and also unearthed emails sent in the name of institutions used for fraudulent purposes.

The deputy director of the cybercrime circle in charge of the entire investigation process said that we have prosecuted the defendant.

This is not the first time someone impersonating a law enforcement authority has been arrested.

In one such case during late September this year, a group of suspects allegedly impersonating police officers to swindle people has been apprehended by Police n Wednesday.

The Tipu Sudanese police arrested two men and recovered police uniforms from them, allegedly posing as police officers and harassing people on the road in the name of fake inspections.

Senior Inspector of Police East Sajid Sadozai confirmed that the suspects were posing as police officers, searching for people on the roads and beating them to extract money.

SSP East Sadozai confirmed that the two accused culprits confessed their activities in Karachi’s SITE, Super Highway, Ferozabad and New Town areas, where they stopped the target and harassed them as police officers so that they Money can be defrauded from vulnerable targets.

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