Facebook is developing its own operating system

Facebook is developing its own operating system


Facebook is again in negotiation and is working on the development of a new operating system for its own platform to reduce the company’s dependence on the Android operating system (OS) from Google.

According to The Information, Facebook is currently looking for a number of new ways to build its own operating system, so that the company does not have to rely on Android OS for its functions.

This new development program is led by Microsoft veteran Mark Locuvsky and the Windows NT operating system.

Currently, the The Information report offers very limited insight into the use of this new operating system.

Both the Facebook portal and Oculus devices currently operate on modified versions of Android, but Facebook’s future hardware set can run on its own operating system, which could reduce Google’s involvement in Facebook hardware.

According to Facebook’s hardware chief, the market or competitors should not be trusted and social media platforms are trying to create the next generation of space for themselves. That is why they will do everything instead of relying on external software to associate companies.

According to some reports, Facebook is currently discussing the development of augmented reality goggles because of its effect on Oculus and Portal devices. Facebook is also developing some new brain control interfaces for its VR glasses that users can use to operate the glasses as they see fit.

According to Bosworth, these augmented reality glasses with the codename “Orion” are expected to be launched in 2023, and Apple is expected to launch its own AR glasses almost the same year.

Based on the insights in the report, Facebook is expected to follow a similar approach to Apple’s hardware in the future, while also developing its own operating system.

The information confirms Bloomberg News and the Financial Times report that Facebook is working with voice assistants on its own custom chip hardware.

If you look at Facebook’s latest attempt to produce its own operating system, the results are not satisfactory and the results almost show the forked version of Android used on HTC mobile phones in 2013.

Facebook tries to control all its hardware and software, so that it does not have to depend on an external company as a source.

Well, for example, this is a great way to arrange everything for you, but from then until now, after many privacy scandals, cell phones are flooded with Facebook social feeds and are not welcome.

Facebook must develop its games so that people can really trust the platform to retest the software.

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