Extremist Indian govt cannot hoodwink int’l community for long time: Mishal Malik


ISLAMABAD: Mishal Malik, wife of jailed Kashmiri freedom movement leader Yasin Malik Monday said that extremist Indian government cannot hoodwink the International community for long time as Modi has now become a symbol of hatred and fear.

In a video on her own news channel, she criticized Modi for not having previously ruled, and added that Modi not only seriously suppressed Muslims against Kashmirs, but also robbed Assamese citizens.

She said that India had committed a crime by depriving India of the special status of occupied Kashmir. Despite the atrocities in India, unfortunately, international criminal silence continues to prevail.

Mishal added that Modi pursues Hitler’s policy through the massive genocide on the people of Kashmir.

She said that New Delhi has become the capital of rape in the world and added that India is not a safe place for women and minorities.

The leaders said that the brave people of Kashmir fought for their right to legitimate self-determination, but India is an oppressive state and has committed state terrorism in Kashmir-occupied by India.

She asked the people of Kashmir to focus on the intervention of the United Nations and the international community and to play an effective role in stopping the atrocities in Kashmir-occupied by India.

She said that despite the use of force and weapons, the Indian army failed to suppress indigenous freedom movements and did not silence the people of Kashmir.

She said that India rules this country, but not the people of Kashmir. Pakistan is the only country that has promoted the Kashmir case internationally.

Mishal said that Modi has a malicious agenda to change Kashmir’s demographics, but he cannot succeed at all costs.

She made it clear that the Kashmirs rejected Indian oppression and would never make concessions in Kashmir’s career.

She said the Indian government had always misled the Kashmir people with piles of lies.
She said the people in Kashmir resist to the last breath.

Pakistan has spared no effort to make the world sensitive to the Kashmir issue. She added that India has a number of sound voices that criticize the policies of Modi and Kashmir issues.

She praised that we strongly support Pakistan’s international position on Kashmir.

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