Exports increase by 13.97% in 11 months

Exports increase by 13.49pc in 10 months


Islamabad: The Statistics Bureau of Pakistan (PBS) reported that in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year (2020-21), the country’s exports increased by 13.49% compared to the same period last year.

The exports during July-April (2020-21) were recorded at $20.881 billion against the exports of $18.399 billion during July-April (2019-20), according to the latest PBS data.

The imports during the period under review also increased by 17.67 percent by growing from $37.992 billion last year to $44.706 billion during the first ten months of current fiscal year.

Based on the figures, the country s trade deficit increased by 21.60 percent during the first ten months as compared to the corresponding period of last year.

The trade deficit was recorded at 23.825 billion U.S. dollars, while the deficit in the same period last year was 19.593 billion U.S. dollars.

At the same time, compared with April 2020, the country’s exports in April 2021 increased by 129.74% year-on-year.

Data show that the export value in April 2021 was 2.194 billion U.S. dollars, and the export value in April 2020 was 955 million U.S. dollars.

The country’s imports increased from USD 3.202 billion in April 2020 to USD 5.188 billion in April 2021, an increase of 62.02%.

On month-on-month basis, the exports from the country however decreased by 7.23 percent during April 2021 when compared to the exports of $2.365 billion in March 2021.

Likewise the imports into the country also dipped by 8.34 percent in April 2021 when compared to the imports of $5.660 billion in March 2021, the data revealed.

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