Explosion heard near Israeli embassy in New Delhi: reports

Explosion heard near Israeli embassy in New Delhi: reports


According to local media reports, an explosion occurred near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi on Friday.

An improvised explosive device (IED) was placed in a flower pot on a road divider and was suspected to be the cause of the explosion.

According to reports, no staff were injured in the explosion and the police blocked the road leading to the embassy.

The explosion destroyed the glasses of four to five cars. The Israeli Embassy is 2 km from Vijay Chowk.

According to the Indian news agency IANS, Delhi police said that the explosion occurred on the side of the road at No. 5 Oranzeb Road in the city center. The incident occurred at about 5 pm, and the fire brigade, special police, and forensic team rushed to the scene.

A senior police officer said: “We are investigating this matter. Multiple police teams have arrived at the scene. The type of material in the explosion is still to be determined.”

In February 2012 a bomb attack on an Israeli diplomatic car in Delhi injured four people. 

The latest incident took place close to where Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other government and military leaders were attending an army parade.

The Indian capital is also on a security alert because of farmers  protests against government agriculture reforms that deteriorated into serious unrest this week.

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