European Union's top court supports net neutrality rules

European Union’s top court supports net neutrality rules


London: The European Union’s Supreme Court supports the European Union’s prohibition of Internet providers from charging customers for priority access to their networks.

Since its adoption in 2015, the European Court of Justice on Tuesday issued the first interpretation of the EU’s net neutrality rules.

These regulations require telecommunications providers to treat all data traffic equally, and prevent them from retaining better access to provide their own services, or preventing the sale of bandwidth to large companies such as Google and Netflix, while providing all others People provide a slower Internet.

After the Hungarian wireless operator Telenor Magyarorszag sought to explain the rules, the court in Luxembourg supported the principle of open internet. Hungarian regulators have prevented the company from offering two “zero-tariff” packages. According to the packages, the data traffic used by certain applications and services is not counted, while the data traffic used by other applications and services has been slowed down or prevent.

The court said that through “zero tariff packages” and blocking or slowing down traffic, “rules that protect the rights of Internet users and treat traffic in a non-discriminatory manner make Internet access providers unable to favor certain applications and services.”

The United States abolished its own net neutrality rule in 2017.

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