Elon Musk shares the amazing animation of SpaceX’s “Crew Dragon”


Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002 with the aim of increasing space. However, in the nearly 18 years since then, even if Rockets continues to disrupt the global launch industry, the most complex life form that SpaceX flies is a mouse.

While SpaceX is preparing for its first manned mission on its new spacecraft-like spacecraft Crew Dragon, this will all change in early 2020.

NASA’s astronauts and space veterans Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will board the crew dragon, rocket in orbit 250 miles from the Earth and dock with an international space station the size of a soccer field.

In view of this vital flight, called “Demonstration 2”, the second orbital demonstration of the NASA spacecraft, Musk released a computer-rendered video on Sunday evening that gave the feeling of flying. SpaceX later shared the full clip on YouTube.

In the video, two astronauts walk past a smooth launching platform in Cape Canaveral, Florida, step onto a dragon in the crew and fly in orbit around a Falcon 9 rocket.

The ship docked at the international space station and was subsequently disabled. After leaving the “truck” that helped him reach the space station, the “Crew Dragon” capsule and its manned passengers quickly returned home, while the aircraft’s heat shield plowed the Earth’s atmosphere by about 25 times the sound speed too.

SpaceX has been working towards this goal for ten years. Musk seemed to be sentimental about the coming moment. Just before the new footage was shared, Musk tweeted in 2011, showing that the early design of the Dragon Boat was also at the same pace.

“After 8 years, the simulation is almost real,” said Musk.

“We are preparing to launch American astronauts from American rockets on American soil. ”

NASA has asked SpaceX to complete upcoming tasks as part of its Commercial Crew Program, which began in 2010 as a government competition. The aim of the program is to revive US freight and stewardess services at NASA, which stopped its shuttle in 2004. July 2011 to prevent you buying astronaut tickets on Russian rockets.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said when Becken, Hurley and other commercial flight attendant astronauts made their official debut in August 2018: “Since 2011, we have launched The Edge of the American Astronaut to the ground.”

However, SpaceX should launch astronauts by the end of 2017, causing Bridenstine to publicly complain before Musk came up with another upcoming launch system called Starship.

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