Democrat Biden nominated to take on Trump and 'make a nation whole'

Democrat Biden nominated to take on Trump and ‘make a nation whole’


Milwaukee: The U.S. Democrats nominated Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential candidate on Tuesday, and provided the Washington veteran with “courage”. Under the leadership of Donald Trump, he will completely get rid of the four-year ” confusion”.

Audiences entering the second day of the four-day Democratic National Convention saw that the host affirmed Biden’s character and leadership skills. In stark contrast, the barbaric Republicans rushed to stay after the November election. In the White House.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all 50 states and 7 regions announced the results of the vote count in a fully online, unprecedented and elaborate roll-call vote, consolidating Biden’s role as the party’s standard-bearer.

All kinds of politicians, everyday Americans, and even some of Biden’s competitors who helped nominate the 77-year-old Biden.

“Well thank you very, very much, from the bottom of my heart,” a beaming Biden said in a live video link.

“It means the world to me and my family,” he added, reminding viewers he will deliver a formal acceptance speech on Thursday at the conclusion of the four-day jamboree.

The nomination is a formality, because as early as June he has won most of the more than 3,900 delegates.

The roll-out was on the second day of the almost virtual Democratic National Convention. The purpose was to celebrate the party’s candidates and welcome independents and frustrated Republicans to participate in its political campaign to drive Trump from the White House. under.

The minutes of the meeting included a series of past and future speeches by party leaders, who expressed their views on current members of the White House and urged voters to gather near Biden.

In the lineup are 95-year-old President Jimmy Carter, who has been in office since 1977, and Bill Clinton, the commander-in-chief of the 1990s, who warned that the Trump White House was chaotic, rather than respond Capabilities necessary for national crises.

“At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center. Instead, it’s a storm center. There’s only chaos,” Clinton said.

“Just one thing never changes — his determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame,” Clinton said. “The buck never stops there.”

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