Deaths from mysterious disease raise concern among Karachiites


Karachi: The death of Karachi Hospital caused by mysterious diseases has attracted public attention.

The private clinic does not treat the patient, and the victim may have any disease other than the new coronavirus. The cause of the surge in deaths has yet to be determined.

Dr. Seemi Jamali, executive director of Jinnah Graduate Medical Center, emphasized the need to open an outdoor patient department (OPD) in a private hospital.

On the other hand, sources revealed that the number of unresolved deaths in Karachi increased further, and hundreds of people were taken to hospitals due to serious illness or death.

Within 14 days, 109 people were admitted to Jenna Hospital in critical condition. Among them, 90 patients were killed shortly after admission.

It is also reported that three to four bodies are taken to Karachi National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease every day. Other hospitals, including Indus Hospital, have reported similar cases.

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