Death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza rises to 123

Death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza rises to 123


Israel bombed Gaza with artillery and air strikes on Friday in response to a new wave of rocket attacks from Hamas-controlled enclaves, and the death toll increased to 123.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that the death toll included 31 children and 19 women. To date, more than 800 people have been injured.

Israeli warplanes on Friday resumed airstrikes on the blockaded Gaza Strip after a two-hour pause. In early morning attacks, fighter jets targeted several spots, including an iron workshop located in the Zaitun neighborhood of Gaza.

Israel on early Friday threatened a ground invasion as the army said it was massing troops along the Gaza frontier and calling up 9,000 reservists ahead of a possible ground operation. Meanwhile, Israeli artillery pounded northern Gaza which brought the front lines of the conflict closer to dense civilian areas.

Despite international calls for an immediate halt of all hostilities, including from United Nations chief Antonio Guterres, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged the offensive will continue “as needed to restore calm in the state of Israel”.

Hamas fired another barrage of rockets towards Israel, hitting the city of Ashkelon in the wee hours of Friday.

At least six Israelis and one Indian national were also killed. The Israeli army said that it had fired hundreds of rockets from Gaza to various parts of Israel and reinforced reinforcements near the eastern part of the enclave.

Violence is being created between Israeli settlers and Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and Israel. Another possible escalation is the launch of at least three rockets from southern Lebanon to Israel.

At the same time, two Palestinians were also marred by the Israeli fire in the West Bank. The conflict caused more than 100 injuries in the occupied territories.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the death of the man and stated that the second death was shot by Israeli forces near Jenin.

Since Monday, the conflict in Gaza has escalated to territorial ruler Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem, there have been daily conflicts in the West Bank.

In the past month, when Israeli settlers flocked to the area to deport Palestinian families in accordance with court orders, tensions have been high in the Sheikh Jarrah community in occupied East Jerusalem.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the Arab-Israeli War in 1967 and annexed the entire city in 1980. This move has never been recognized by the international community.

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